Heather + Josh : Rehearsal Dinner in Arizona

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wild west rehearsal dinner for a destination wedding in AZ

I know I say this all the time, but So Many Moments really does have the VERY best clients! Meet Heather and Josh. They brought us down to Arizona for their nuptials! We met up with them on a hot night (as in high of 112 that day! Did you know humans could even exist in such heat?!) in the desert for a wild west rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. The venue was incredible, with what felt like thousands of neck ties hanging from the ceiling and even a live rattlesnake inside! Lots of water, cowboy hats and handkerchiefs for guests made for a rootin’ tootin’ good time. Photos from the big wedding day celebration day up next!


Jason + Zhen Zhen : Miami Wedding

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Miami Wedding Photography at the Cooper Estate by husband and wife team So Many Moments, based in Portland, OR

In the 5th grade, I went to my friend Justin’s birthday party. He lived on a canal, and all the kids at the party went swimming. All the kids, except Jason and I. We had found a piano and were having too much fun playing music to bother with swim suits. All the kids that went swimming got ill from something in the water and Jason and I were the only two kids at school not sick. This was the beginning of a friendship that has stood the test of time.

Jason and Zhen Zhen have had a beautiful relationship for many years, so while it was no surprise when they announced they would be getting married, we were still thrilled for them to tie the knot. The Cooper Estate in Miami set the stage for a gorgeous wedding day. Jason is very tech-driven, so it was neat to see how he used an app to share wedding details with guests and used a collection of iPads for the seating chart. Zhen Zhen and her bridesmaids were just perfection; all put together so thoughtfully and looked so glamorous. But, the best part was this wedding was FUN. As old friends reunited on the dance floor, it was clear everyone was having a great time. Back at the hotel, the party did not stop. Matthew and I were talked into putting down the cameras and joined them and their friends for a celebratory late night beer on the pool deck.

Every wedding is such an unique expression of a couple’s commitment to one another, and that’s what makes it so much fun to document. Having some history with Jason and ZZ made it really special for us to be a part of their big day and we are so honored they chose us to photograph it.

jason zhen zhen

Photography : So Many Moments

Venue (including food + flowers) : The Cooper Estate

2013 Holiday Portrait Mini Session

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Dress your best and snuggle in close with your loved one, or bring the kids along too, for an unique holiday portrait session! This whimsical styled shoot, inspired by a snow globe, is a fresh alternative to sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall. We’ve built a little set (using marshmallows, aluminum foil, and a […]

holiday portrait

Dress your best and snuggle in close with your loved one, or bring the kids along too, for an unique holiday portrait session! This whimsical styled shoot, inspired by a snow globe, is a fresh alternative to sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall. We’ve built a little set (using marshmallows, aluminum foil, and a lot of imagination), to ensure you’ve got the most magical holiday photo card on the mantle this year!

WHEN : Sunday, December 1st

WHERE: Milagros.  5433 NW 30th Ave. Portland, OR 97211

WHAT: Included with your mini photo session is a beautiful set of 25 large 5×7″ Holiday cards with envelopes as well as a web-sized digital copy of the image, perfect for sharing online!

COST: The cost for the photo session is $199. Additional sets of photo cards, metal ornaments, and custom address stamps also available for purchase at your session.

Limited availability! To book your mini session, contact Samantha immediately at SoManyMoments@gmail.com or ChildlikeWildlifePhoto@gmail.com. For more info, please check the FAQ section on the Childlike Wildlife website. (Childlike Wildlife is the family portrait wing to So Many Moments wedding photography)

Amber + Ryan : An Intimate Portland Wedding

October 21st, 2013 Permalink

The Nines, the Pumpkin Patch, and Cathedral Park in St.Johns

Amber and Ryan redefined the term “intimate wedding” for me. Even after photographing 100+ weddings, some of them decidedly “casual”, I had never seen anything quite like this.
They truly made this day their own, centered around their love and commitment to one another and absolutely nothing else.

The afternoon began with getting ready in the swanky Nines hotel downtown and even this they did together. Ryan enjoyed some time with his brothers while a close friend did Amber’s make-up in the bathroom. When it was time to get dressed, they did so together. Because this day, for them, was about being together.

Once they were all ready to go, the magic truly began because there was absolutely no plan. When I’d asked Amber where she wanted to do the actual ceremony she replied “When it feels right, we’ll just stop to have our moment. We will say what we would like to say to one another and exchange our rings.” And even with the weather bouncing back and forth from downpour to sunshine, while so much seemed up in the air and left to chance, Amber and Ryan seemed confident that it would all be just perfect, and so it was.

Knowing we had a bit of time, we took the opportunity to go a bit out of Portland’s city center to Sauvie Island. We all love the Pumpkin Patch, who doesn’t, and with the season being what it is, it just fell into our laps as a wonderful fit. When we arrived, it was confirmed that our choice had been a brilliant one as there wasn’t anyone else there except the most wonderful and accommodating staff. They even brought out boots for Amber and her officiant, and dear friend, Robin to wear! We had a blast climbing the hay pyramid, getting a sneak preview of the pumpkins, and enjoying the last of the sunflowers before it was off to wherever the world would take us next.

On the way back to the city, the bridge at Cathedral Park was the destination of choice. The moment they knew would come had arrived and they stood ready to marry one another. The whole experience felt surreal and so perfect, I’m sure for them, but also for me. There was no parade down an aisle, there weren’t any flowers, there was barely even a plan, but there was so much love in the air it was palpable.

Amber and Ryan did this for them. They made a choice to do what made sense to them, and what resulted was one of the most beautiful, genuine, amazing, and touching weddings I’ve ever been to in my life. This couple is so filled with love and dedication to one another. I’m so honored to have been asked to not only document this day for them but to be a witness too! It’s a wedding I will never forget and I couldn’t be more happy for them and proud of them for going against the grain and being true to themselves. Congratulations again, you little lovebirds you!

Photography : So Many Moments

Hotel : The Nines

Photo Shoot Location : The Pumpkin Patch, Sauvie Island

Although Joe and Matt have been together for many years, and domestic partners for the past 5, now that DOMA has been over-ruled in Washington state, they decided to “make honest men of each other” by crossing the border and tying the knot: Legally. I was honored when they chose me to capture their intimate ceremony followed by a “Champagne and Cake” reception, what a wonderful way to spend a Thursday evening! They dressed in top hats, like true gentlemen, and spoke excitedly about their honeymoon trip to Disneyworld. My favorite detail was their “And They Lived Happily Ever After” cake, featuring two Prince Charmings, holding hands. I started the 2013 wedding season with a lesbian wedding in Orlando, FL and ended it with these charming chaps, headed to Orlando, FL. Full circle. What a wonderful year!

Photography: So Many Moments

Venue: Marshall House, Vancouver WA


Rachael + Jon : Fall Engagement Session

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A love of Portland, football, and fall were the inspiration for this couple’s engagement photo session


Rachael and Jon’s engagement session was on one of those perfect Portland nights when it’s almost as if the seasons are changing right before your eyes.  We could feel fall sweaters just around the corner, but got to enjoy one last afternoon of sunshine in short-sleeves.

These two love Portland and football, so it was fun to reflect that a bit in their portrait session. We even played some football in the middle of the street! When Rachael nearly hit a hipster off of her bike with the ball, it was made all the more Portland an experience.

I’m already looking forward to capturing these lovebirds tie the knot next summer; game on!














Jani and Rich are the sort of pair that are so clearly meant to be together because they’re more then lovers, they’re best friends. They have the same interests, the same sense of humor, and the same goals; it’s what makes them such a great team. Having lived in the same neighborhood as them since we moved to Portland, to photograph them marrying one another was really special for my husband and I. We saw lots of familiar faces at the wedding, their families are incredible, and all in all it was just a picture perfect afternoon.

Jani loves black. She wears it often, so it was no surprise to me that she chose a wedding gown with a thick black ribbon tied at the waist and paired it with a chunky black necklace. It was perfectly her. I know she also loves black and white photos, so I thought it would be fun to try to put together her collection of wedding photographs in primarily black and white. (We always photograph a wedding in color and make these changes to the images in post production. That way, all of our couples receive the original color images as well as any copies of photographs that we’ve edited in special ways.)




Photography: So Many Moments

Wedding Coordination: Best Regards Event Planning

Hair and Make-up: Jacqui Garlick

Catering: Divine Occasions

Desserts: Emily Réman

Videography: Mikiech Nichols


Maggie and Kellan had a beautiful wedding in the Columbia River gorge at Hood River’s Springhouse Cellar. The venue boasts the most incredible ruins as the backdrop for both the ceremony and reception. Friends and family from east coast to west joined together to celebrate their love! Maggie wore her hair in a very long braid with her bridesmaids all in different green dresses. Kellan was a kind host and made sure everyone was having a great time.

We really enjoyed how many little kiddos got to attend this wedding. Kids can make parties so delightful, and there was no shortage of little munchkins running around for this party. I loved that as the center pieces on the kids tables there was a stack of fun little toys instead of the beautiful flower arrangements found on the other tables. But, my favorite detail was seeing how they had used photos from our engagement shoot session as candy bar wrappers! Too cool. It was a beautiful evening and fun for all, big and small.


wedding guests in Hood River



Photography: So Many Moments

Venue: Springhouse Cellar Winery

Videography: McKenna Johnson


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