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November 7th, 2012 Permalink

Our gender neutral teal, green, and orange modern nursery design

Thanks to the power of Pinterest, I was so inspired to decorate the nursery when we moved into our new little 2-bedroom apartment this fall. I had a blast putting together this project for our baby. A gender neutral color scheme of teal, green, and orange set the stage for my tiny modern nursery. While baby could be out any day now, we still don’t know if our first born will be a boy or girl. Matt’s mom sewed us incredible custom bedding for the crib, and I found a couple seamstresses on Etsy to help with other things like the changing pad cover, boppy pillow, and “ikea bookshelf window seat hack”.

To keep it very personal, I used both Matt’s and my own favorite music posters as artwork for the walls. I’ve also tackled a few sewing projects of my own. The mobile I’m making by hand is nearly finished, and I also sewed a little stuffed animal so creepy a friend of ours has advised us not to let the baby see it lest our child be tormented with nightmares! It’s still proudly on display (it took me an entire weekend to create!) next to the Dr.Suess books in the last photo, what do you think? It has a heart-shaped nose and bow tie, is can’t be THAT creepy! The clothes are all washed and folded and the birth supplies in their labeled bags. So now we just wait for baby to decide it’s time to join us… and we couldn’t be more excited!

Photography by: So Many Moments 



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