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love. love. love.

When we tell the visual story of a wedding day, we like the tell it from the perspective of the couple. Some photographers run around a lot trying to capture all the action of the guests and families, but I like to stay in close to my brides and grooms, to tell the story the way they experienced it. There’s an inherent intimacy in being so close, and documenting so much, of someone’s special day. It’s easy to see how the lines between ‘client’ and ‘friend’ can blur, and for me, it seems they always do.

I get so attached to my couples because I love being the person they trust to document their celebration. I like to know what DIY projects they’re planning, who their best friend is, what their grandmother’s name is, because on the day of the wedding I’m that much more in touch with their experience.

This season, it seems some of our closest friends are slipping on engagement rings and coming to us to be their photographers. Monday, my amazing friend Lesley came into the office to sign her contract and before I knew it, we had moved the coffee table the see if we still had the skills to somersault. Somersaults turned into lunch, and lunch turned into an afternoon at her place cutting paper hearts out of construction paper, and singing show-tunes to her dog. Of course, I couldn’t be more excited to photograph Lesley’s wedding. But, what I realized is I feel this excitement for every one of my weddings.

They’re all so different, but the intimacy is the same. I’m being chosen, from all of the photographers in the world, as the artist that MY couple’s want to be there on that day. And for me, there’s not greater honor in the world. To say I love my job just seems such a vast understatement.




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