Spring Snail Session

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This Portrait. Your child.

Spring Snail

The Spring Snail Session : This Portrait, Your Child.

Sunday, April 10th

Hello. Perhaps we’ve only just met, but I’m going to ask you to take everything you know about having your kid’s portrait taken by a professional photographer and flush it down the potty. What I’m offering is different. If you’re looking for a sunny portrait session in the park with matching outfits or a predictable studio session with complicated package options, there are many talented artists who offer these services. I am not one of them.


The Snail Session is just what you see above here. It’s a whimsical digital composite portrait of a child riding a snail on the familiar moss of the pacific northwest. It’s a limited edition art piece by a local artist. The little girl in the photograph is my own daughter, but your portrait will be the same artwork featuring your own child. It’s not a collection of 100+ photos to choose from, maybe with intentions of printing or making an album, but ultimately lost on an old hard drive. This is taking all the time and energy (& then some) and instead of created a collection the result is ONE purposeful, styled image that will be printed and displayed. I am thrilled to hang mine in my home for our family to enjoy each day we pass by it and each year as she grows. Our babies grow so very quickly; the snail symbolizes my attempt to slow down time just long enough to take a portrait. Here is my daughter with the snail from the session. A friend found him on a hiking trail for us after I got attached to the concept and ready to make it a reality.



This is the fun part. Because most of the work is done on the computer, the actual photo session is much less stressful and much faster then a traditional photo session. This is especially convenient for younger children. When you sign up, there will be a 20 minute window of time for us to work together to get the very best single portrait of your child. I aim for the session to be playful and silly. I’m also fond of gifting a special little surprise for great cooperation, because… bribery works! I do not have a suggested age range for the session because I think it could be just as fun with a small child as a grandparent. I kind of want to do it myself!


The $49 session fee covers the following:

- Photo shoot with Samantha

-  Hand editing and building the digital composite image of your child on the snail

- Web-sized image for you to share & enjoy

The idea behind the Snail Session is to create a single image to be printed and enjoyed. I want it to live on beyond the computer, to be something we can touch and feel. There will be a small variety of print products available ranging in price from $50 – $200. The suggested print is on maple wood with a float hanging system, so there is no need for a frame. The natural wood lends itself to the feel of the portrait. Most of my clients expect to spend a total of between $150-$500. There is no obligation to make additional purchases.



I look forward to creating different concepts and offering them a handful of times per year. I have been dreaming of art pieces that feature more then one child, but this session is best suited for a single child to do alone.


My name is Samantha and I’m a Portland area mom and small business owner. My two babies are 3 years old and 8 months old. Before having them, I built a career as an award-winning photographer. I’ve specialized in everything from destination wedding photography to medical magazine covers,  fashion runway/print to album covers for bands. I’ve enjoyed trying it all, but now that I am a mom I am most inspired to create little worlds of wonder just long enough to photograph kids in them before they vanish. I genuinely enjoy this work and I hope that shows in my finished pieces.


If you find my approach to be refreshing and fun, please secure your time slot on April 10th by contacting me at SoManyMoments@gmail.com or on Facebook.com/SoManyMoments. I will send you the remaining available times. To prepare for you session, please style your child with regard to the final image. Chose colors that you feel will work well and avoid graphic t-shirts or logos that would be distracting. I have the antler headband and a flower headband available for girls to borrow if they’d like and think suspenders would be adorable on boys, but the styling is up to you. Have fun with it!

I look forward to meeting you and photographing your little one. <3


Sarah + Robbie : West Palm Beach Wedding

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Downtown West Palm Beach Florida Holy Trinity Church wedding


Bubble guns, glow necklaces, a rockin’ band, great local food from C.R.Chicks and one very beautiful, very much in love couple? You’ve got yourself a really FUN wedding!

Sarah and Robbie celebrated their vows at Sarah’s beautiful hometown church in West Palm Beach, FL surrounded by the love and support of their families and friends. Matt and I photographed the wedding with the support of another fantastic wedding photographer, Josh Kane. Being third trimester pregnant, I wanted to be sure we had lots of able-bodied talent on deck to create a collection of photographs that documented this very special day for this extremely lovely couple.

Sarah was the kind of bride that just could NOT stop smiling, in the very best way, and working on her photographs has kept us smiling too. We are so honored she and Robbie chose us to be their wedding team and wish them nothing but the very best in the years to come!

2015-05-11_0017 2015-05-11_0018 2015-05-11_0019 2015-05-11_0020 2015-05-11_0021 2015-05-11_0022 2015-05-11_0023 2015-05-11_0024 2015-05-11_0025 2015-05-11_00262015-05-11_0027 2015-05-11_0028 2015-05-11_0029 2015-05-11_0030 2015-05-11_0031 2015-05-11_0032 2015-05-11_0033 2015-05-11_0034 2015-05-11_0035 2015-05-11_0036 2015-05-11_0037 2015-05-11_0038 2015-05-11_0039 2015-05-11_0040 2015-05-11_0041 2015-05-11_0042 2015-05-11_0043 2015-05-11_0044 2015-05-11_0045

Second Photographer: Josh Kane, based in both Florida and Australia but accepting destination weddings worldwide

Venue : Holy Trinity Church, West Palm Beach FL

Food : C.R. Chicks


Leila and Randy went to the same high school on the west coast of Florida, but they didn’t know each other. Not until many years, and many miles later, when they met – GET THIS – in an elevator in Baltimore, Maryland. LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND BIZARRE. The same home town/school connection was too heavy to ignore when it came time to plan their big day, so they took it back to Cardinal Mooney High in Sarasota, FL.

The day these two planned was lovely from sunrise on. I met the ladies for some poolside yoga to set the day on the right track. The boys chose poker to get them in the right frame of mind before a classic church ceremony. As they both work in sport’s medicine and also both played basketball in high school, we had a blast doing their “romantic couple’s photos” center court! There was no shortage of thoughtful details decorating their reception party to celebrate their love with plenty of food, drinks, and dancing. Just the way a wedding ‘ought to be!

2015-05-11_0002 2015-05-11_0003 2015-05-11_0004 2015-05-11_0005 2015-05-11_0006 2015-05-11_0007 2015-05-11_0008 2015-05-11_0009 2015-05-11_0010 2015-05-11_0011 2015-05-11_0012 2015-05-11_0013 2015-05-11_0014 2015-05-11_0015


Some couples are just so fabulous you click with them immediately and want to be friends FOREVER. That’s how we felt about Monica and Brandon from the very beginning, and what a beautiful beginning it was! You might recognize this couple from the EPIC prososal Brandon set up to ask Monica to marry him in the Columbia River Gorge, where Brandon had us staged to take pictures while he popped the big question. (This is the best idea EVER, by the way! If you missed that blog post, click HERE for some romantic proposal pictures!)

When the wedding arrived, Matthew brought along Maggie from Honeysuckle photography to take on the big day. I was sad to be missing their celebration of love, but knew Matt and Maggie were sure to make a photography dream team. Having our daughter Amelie, and now pregnant with our next, has changed my role in our business (at least for the moment). But shooting alongside other artists like Maggie has had so many benefits for all of us. Matt came home talking about how she did this or that a bit differently, what great ideas she had. Every wedding is so unique and I see it as our job to keep ourselves fresh. It’s why I love destination weddings so much; shooting in new places all the time forces you to put yourself outside of the box. You can’t repeat the same photos, you have to flex your creativity and come up with something new and beautiful every time. Matt and Maggie not only took the opportunity to be inspired and learn a bit from one another, but they also had a blast too. That’s the thing about this job, it’s fun. And especially when a loving couple like this throws such a great party out in the Oregon desert! Their beautiful venue was just a couple hours from downtown PDX, in the Dalles: The Dalles Ranch.

We couldn’t be more happy for Monica and Brandon and we wish them nothing but many glorious years ahead!

2015-02-09_0002 2015-02-09_0003 2015-02-09_0004 2015-02-09_0005 2015-02-09_0006 2015-02-09_0007 2015-02-09_0008 2015-02-09_0009 2015-02-09_0010 2015-02-09_0011 2015-02-09_0012 2015-02-09_0012b 2015-02-09_0012c 2015-02-09_0013 2015-02-09_0015 2015-02-09_0016 2015-02-09_0017 2015-02-09_0018 2015-02-09_0019 2015-02-09_0020 2015-02-09_0021 2015-02-09_0024 2015-02-09_0025 2015-02-09_0026 2015-02-09_0027 2015-02-09_0028 2015-02-09_0029 2015-02-09_0030 2015-02-09_0031 2015-02-09_0032 2015-02-09_0033 2015-02-09_0034


Life has an incredible way of bending and twisting in the most delightful ways sometimes. We feel so blessed for the opportunities this career as wedding photographers has surprised us with. We set out to travel and to photograph people celebrating promising themselves to one another, and this wedding was just that. We couldn’t be more fulfilled or more grateful.

But, let’s start at the beginning. When I first moved to Portland, I joined an adult kickball team. It was as ridiculous as it sounds and a really fun way to kick around a few hours on sunny Sunday afternoons. Teamed up with strangers that would become friends, running in circles in hopes of winning a free pitcher of beer for after the game, I met a French girl named Léa.

Matthew would come to games, but he didn’t play on the team. For such an active guy, I can only assume his deep-seated memory of breaking his collar bone playing kickball as a kid is what kept him off the field. He preferred, instead, to hang out taking photographs and enjoy the show. I’d then post the photos on Facebook sometimes and this became a nice way to keep in touch with my team mates.

Fast forward a few years, and I get an e-mail from Léa. She’s engaged has been seeing some of our So Many Moments wedding photography on Facebook. She says perhaps THE most amazing thing possible: that during our kickball season Matt took a portrait of her that had been a favorite of hers since. Is that not the biggest compliment a portrait photographer could ever receive?! Then, she says the NEXT MOST AMAZING THING. She wants us to be her wedding photographers, the thing is, the wedding is in France. *jaw dropped* Yes. Yes, yes, yes Léa. YES!

This story is about to take a turn for the even more incredible. She’s getting married in Normandy, at a family member’s home, and it turns out to be less then an hour’s drive from my own brother’s home. This means two things for Matthew and I. Not only do we have a wonderful place to stay, but also that we can leave Amelie safe and sound with our family while we work at the wedding.

When I meet Ben, he’s soft spoken but confident. They both smile near constantly and clearly have a connection that goes beyond the giddy romance of a fresh relationships and into something deeper, more reasonable. When they share their relationship started as a rock climbing friendship, that makes sense to me. They feel solid like a rock and that makes me feel so happy for Léa.

We meet again in France and even on the day of the wedding, putting together my gear, I still can’t believe I am there and that this is real life. Léa’s dress is perfect on her, the family is so warm and welcoming, despite the language barrier, and everyone is clearly ready to have a great time.

Despite being 100+ weddings deep in a variety of cultures and traditions, the wedding was still quite different from anything we’ve ever photographed stateside. After the most charming backyard ceremony, we all walk over to a reception hall across a park from the house. Champagne begins flowing and the most amazing appetizers start arriving. The food at this wedding was incredible. We lost count of the number of courses, but the food had not stopped coming when we finally left past midnight.

But the generous portions of foie gras wasn’t the only difference, it was the party itself. The DJ has this crowd doing things that I’m sure would need waivers signed and liability releases for here. People were literally sliding across the floor, fighting over chairs for games. There were wigs and microphones and so much silliness, but it was all in the name of just good old fashion FUN. Everyone was having a great time and it gives me pause to realize how over-protected and sue-happy our way of life has dulled some of our parties here.

As we had already traveled across the world, we decided to plan a huge trip centered around this wedding. Our daughter was still under 2, and thus free to fly, so we took the opportunity to visit loads of family and friends across Europe. We kept a personal travel journal document our trip from glamping near the beaches of Spain to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland; if you’re curious to see more of that, it’s here.

We couldn’t be happier for Léa and Ben, and I couldn’t be more glad I signed up for that kickball team. Life is so dynamic. To many years of happiness ahead!

2015-01-16_0002 2015-01-16_0003 2015-01-16_0004 2015-01-16_0005 2015-01-16_0006 2015-01-16_0007 2015-01-16_0008 2015-01-16_0009 2015-01-16_0010 2015-01-16_0011 2015-01-16_0012 2015-01-16_0013 2015-01-16_0014 2015-01-16_0015 2015-01-16_0016 2015-01-16_0017 2015-01-16_0018 2015-01-16_0019 2015-01-16_0020 2015-01-16_0021 2015-01-16_0022 2015-01-16_0023 2015-01-16_0024 2015-01-16_0025 2015-01-16_0026 2015-01-16_0027 2015-01-16_0028 2015-01-16_0029 2015-01-16_0030 2015-01-16_0031


Rachael and Jonathan had the most stellar view of Mt.Hood for their Oregon summer wedding in Canby, OR. Oak View Acres is officially one of my new favorite venues and this couple was the perfect fit for it! I got to know Rachael and Jonathan over their adorable Portland city date engagement shoot last Fall. This stylish couple had the most wonderful energy and the warmest smiles. They were so genuinely excited for their day and stress-free. Their families were welcoming (and hilarious), which made the party a blast! Matthew and I left this wedding just so grateful that we get to do what we do: observe, connect with people, and take their portraits on one of the most special days of their lives. It’s not only an honor, it’s a lot of fun too!

RachJonBlog-1 RachJonBlog-2 RachJonBlog-3 RachJonBlog-4 RachJonBlog-5 RachJonBlog-6 RachJonBlog-7 RachJonBlog-9 RachJonBlog-11 RachJonBlog-12 RachJonBlog-13 RachJonBlog-14 RachJonBlog-15 RachJonBlog-16 RachJonBlog-17 RachJonBlog-18 RachJonBlog-19 RachJonBlog-20 RachJonBlog-21 RachJonBlog-22 RachJonBlog-23 RachJonBlog-24RachJonBlog-8 RachJonBlog-25 RachJonBlog-26 RachJonBlog-27 RachJonBlog-28 RachJonBlog-29 RachJonBlog-30 RachJonBlog-31 RachJonBlog-32 RachJonBlog-33 RachJonBlog-34 RachJonBlog-35 RachJonBlog-36 RachJonBlog-37 RachJonBlog-38 RachJonBlog-39 RachJonBlog-40 RachJonBlog-41 RachJonBlog-42 RachJonBlog-43 RachJonBlog-44 RachJonBlog-45 RachJonBlog-46 RachJonBlog-47 RachJonBlog-48 RachJonBlog-50 RachJonBlog-51 RachJonBlog-52 RachJonBlog-53 RachJonBlog-54 RachJonBlog-55 RachJonBlog-56 RachJonBlog-57 RachJonBlog-58

Heather and Josh : Arizona Wedding

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Destination wedding in Arizona


Heather and Josh tied the knot on a bright, clear Arizona day surrounded by family and friends whom traveled from all around to join them as they made their partnership official. You get the sense that these two were just made for one another, a match waiting to meet. And we were so thrilled at the opportunity to travel down to new turf to document their celebrations! We had photographed the Heather’s sister’s wedding a few years prior on the Oregon coast and were so tickled that their family thought of us again!  We enjoyed the change of scenery and took the chance to visit Sedona too after the big day before flying home. All in all, a wonderful trip with wonderful people with a wonderful future ahead of them! We wish them nothing but the absolute best!

Heather + Josh : Rehearsal Dinner in Arizona

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wild west rehearsal dinner for a destination wedding in AZ

I know I say this all the time, but So Many Moments really does have the VERY best clients! Meet Heather and Josh. They brought us down to Arizona for their nuptials! We met up with them on a hot night (as in high of 112 that day! Did you know humans could even exist in such heat?!) in the desert for a wild west rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. The venue was incredible, with what felt like thousands of neck ties hanging from the ceiling and even a live rattlesnake inside! Lots of water, cowboy hats and handkerchiefs for guests made for a rootin’ tootin’ good time. Photos from the big wedding day celebration day up next!



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